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Advantages of Laser Welding
Deep narrow welds
Low heat input
Minimal distortion
High joint completion rates
Joint design flexibility
Minimal use of consumable
Ease of automation
Esthetically pleasing welds

Applications of Laser Welding
Tailored blanks for the automotive industry
Thick section welding
Thin section welding
Lightweight car components
Airframe structures
Shipbuilding industry

It doesn´t require a mechanical contact between the tool and the components to weld, that is how it removes the marks on the surfaces or the vibrations that could damage the materials. The result is a precise welding without applying any kind of tension or heat on the welded surfaces.
•This system has a very pleasing visual finish in components with complex geometries, whether if they are big or very small, so that the welding trajectory can be programmed in three dimensions.
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