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Ultrasonic cutting machines vibrate a cutting tool (usually titanium blades) at a high frequency. They are used to cut carbon fiber, glass fiber, laminates, films, cork, prepreg, rubber, leather, plastic, food, and honeycomb materials. Ultrasonic cutting machines are also used to produce honeycomb parts and cut materials such as Kevlar.
EiNA provide complete systems that include all of the components required for ultrasonic inlay cutting, ultrasonic scoring, and ultrasonic core cutting.
Selecting ultrasonic cutting machines requires an analysis of product specifications and applications.
Product specifications also include cutting area, rated cutting speed, and maximum cutting speed; x-axis stroke, y-axis stroke, and z-axis stroke; acceleration, deceleration and dynamic acceleration factor.
In terms of applications, ultrasonic cutting machines are used mainly in the automotive, aerospace, and food processing industries. Often, ultrasonic cutting equipment is used in place of laser cutting machines or Water jets.
Compared to these other cutting technologies, ultrasonic cutting machines produce low levels of heat and minimum distortion. The ability to cut soft materials such as linoleum is another advantage of ultrasonic cutting.
Car garnitures can easily be trimmed using this technology.
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