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Thermo inspection is a non destructive analysis technology which is able to detect non visible failures through the imaging of the thermal patterns at the object's surface.
EiNA makes an active approach, in which an energy source is required to produce a thermal contrast between the feature of interest and the background, for example: a blade with internal flaws.
When compared with other classical nondestructive testing techniques such as ultrasonic testing or radiographic testing, thermographic inspection is safe, nonintrusive and noncontact, allowing the detection of relatively shallow subsurface defects (few centimeters in depth) under large surfaces and in a fast manner.
EiNA's technological and software development has made the whole process more powerful and much more simple than it was before:
- Heat up of the surface has been dramatically reduced which makes the process much faster.
- Reach of the technology in terms of depth has been increased which means 100% of the blade can be analyzed.
- EiNA's software is able to transform the 2D data of the images into 3D volumes, which our analysis software can identify and take decisions.
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