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By means of a R & D effort, Airbus & EiNA have developed a portable composite bonded repair machine which is not only able to remove the damaged area and prepare it for different repair design (stepped, scarfed, etc ) with a very high accuracy, but it is also able to manufacture the suitable patch with its lay-up module, and even place the patch on the repair area.
The machine has been designed under a modular concept; with a control desk where the operator runs the software and a set of different peripherals or modules, each one in charge of one operation.
The control desk manages all the modules necessary for the different steps of the reparation process:
- A 3D scanner provides the information of the surface to be repaired with a resolution of less than 0,01mm
- The milling head is able to remove the selected layers within very restrictive tolerance requirements. The device is able to keep the deviations between the composite layers within 0/+ 0,02mm.
- The total patch positioning accuracy is +/- 0,2 mm
- The lay-up module is able to trim, to orientate and place every single layer, and built the patch. Compaction and debulking is made trough an integrated vacuum system.

This modular concept makes the machine fully portable. It can be easily mounted / demounted by 1 or 2 operators.
The modules can be manufactured in several sizes, depending on the depth and size of the repair to be done. From light and very portable modules able to work on small areas (300mm x 300mm) to heavier modules ready for bigger areas close to one square meter.
The machine can be easily transported inside an airport or from one airport to another one, either by road or by plane, which makes it suitable for on-site repair.
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